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A Financial Plan For the Many Transitions in Life

Leslie Roper Day entered the financial services industry in 1989 with the desire to help people grow and preserve their wealth while pursuing their financial goals.  Leslie was inspired by her father who enjoyed financial planning and investment strategies in addition to his engineering career.  In graduate school, Leslie took a class in personal financial planning (partly to make her dad happy) and realized that we’re taught how to make money, but no one teaches us what to do with it after we make it.

Leslie believes everyone needs a financial plan to help them effectively pursue and achieve their goals.  As a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional, she offers comprehensive financial planning with a holistic approach to individuals, families, and businesses.  She is committed to continually educating her clients about the opportunities available to them, and helping them build greater confidence in their financial future.

Today, with more than 25 years of experience as a financial adviser, Leslie leads her team with the motto “down-to-earth financial advice.”  The firm is dedicated to building long-lasting relationships with their clients by treating them like family.  They work with clients of all ages and, particularly, those experiencing a transition in life, whether they’re expanding their family, changing careers, approaching retirement, or leaving a legacy.  As an independent firm, Leslie Roper Day & Associates offers objective advice and impartial solutions by working with best-in-class product providers.  They always focus on understanding the client's needs first, and only offer strategies they believe effectively align with the client's goals and objectives.