Will You Let Me Help You?

Will You Let Me Help You?

| September 02, 2016
Financial Planning

I’m sitting in a window seat on a Southwest Airlines flight from Baltimore back to my hometown of Elk Grove, California.  There’s not much to see out the window, I’ve finished all of my reading, and so I’m now bouncing my head against the seat trying to think of something profound to tell you about the Commonwealth Advisor Live conference I’m returning from, which was held in beautiful Waltham, Massachusetts, right outside Boston.

As training conferences go, this was a good one. There was a small number of other advisors with me, most of them in similar career situations, all with a diverse set of backgrounds. And as usual, we covered a lot of ground, and I’ve got a binder full of notes on various things I learned and want to put into practice when I get back to the office.

Also as usual, it is difficult to prioritize, and to choose what to do first. Of all the things I’m taking home, what is the most important? The quickest to implement? The easiest to complete?   I’m not sure.

But then it came to me. . . who can I help the most?

Yes. With all of the great and valuable information that has been shoved between my ears over the last three days, I need to make sure to use that information for the right reason, to help people. To help our clients.

After all, that is the main reason I became an advisor, to help clients…my friends, family, co-workers, peers. . . live better lives, make better decisions, and to prosper.

So, that’s where I need to start; by reaching out to those that I can help.  After all, my “toolkit” is filled with lots of different kinds of financial resources…drills, hammers, and wrenches…that I potentially can use to repair or improve the financial affairs of my clients. Not every project needs a hammer, which is why I have lots of different kinds of tools. (And I have filled that toolkit even more at this week’s conference.)

Therefore, dear reader, I’m letting you know now…be forewarned! If I know you have a problem that I have the ability to help you fix, I’m going to try to help you!  Of course, it will always be your decision if you want to accept my help. Nevertheless, I’m going to offer to show you ways to fix your problem, and will show you the tools I have to help you do that.

It is really no different than when you go into the hardware store trying to figure out which is the right part you need, so that you can finish assembling you daughter’s new dollhouse (I sense this is coming soon for me.) If one of the associates thinks you need help, they are going to ask, and possibly show you some options that you may not have otherwise known about. That is their job, to help you.

That is my job, to help you.

So, now I know what I really need to focus on…identifying and helping who I can, the best that I can. 

The only thing I really need to know now is: Will you let me help you?